My Nail Office

With the shareware My Nail Office operators Pedicure manage the entire operation. From the customer and appointment management to the picture show for various nail design has been thought of everything. My Nail Office looks clear and with the workspace reasonable playfulness. From the control center of large buttons lead in the areas of appointments and customers, materials and prices as well as administrative and gallery. The application is multi-user, they should, for example, temporary only the right to book revenue, the rest is done by the management. manage customer information studio operators including customer photo along with a gallery of the best nail designs of the customer. These nail designs are also available in the main gallery available so designers present their best creations in no time another customer. But allergies and other customer-specific data is captured with My Nail Office. Schedules for the studio specialist automatically compares with Microsoft Outlook - also staff-related. Each employee receives his appointments with just a few clicks via email. In material management to detect each type of material needed. If a price list is entered, My Nail Office automatically calculates the total price for the selected customer. Booked sales of the studio managers recorded in the cash book: all revenue and expenditure are clearly displayed as a total overview or monthly lists and can be printed or exported to Excel. Beautifully managed is the automatic slide show that shows all recorded personal and customer-related Nailbilder and fades by the minute de company data. So you realize, for example, a chic shop window advertising with a few clicks.

Limitations of My Nail Office

No time limit can max. 5 customers are created.