MAGIX Movies on DVD

MAGIX Movies on DVD is not active. The sequel is called MAGIX Video easy HD. MAGIX Movies on DVD is passionate hobby directors provides a number of practical tools to create their own productions to choose from. With the shareware you design, for example, Blu-ray videos with animated menus and add clips with the help of various special effects to professional-looking movies together. In addition, MAGIX Movies on DVD includes a recorder that lets you import videos of different input sources on the PC. Thus, the virtual movie studio makes useful, inter alia for digitizing older VHS tapes as well as in transferring the recordings from DVD recorders, camcorders or webcams. Are the videos arrived on the machine helps MAGIX Movies on DVD in optimizing the image and sound tracks. Located just a few clicks the program, for example, disturbing noise. In addition, it is associated with the software's menus in the Blu-ray format even animations. Rounding MAGIX Movies on DVD through an integrated recorder, together with program guide. With this module, the shareware features comfortable consignments via TV card. For export, the tool provides both a burning program for the formats Video CD, DVD and Blu-ray as well as a converter for YouTube and PC videos.

Limitations of MAGIX Movies on DVD

The shareware version is available for seven days. This trial period can be extended to 30 days after free registration from the manufacturer.