The Ancients Manager (AhnMan)

Of the Ancestor Manager Download (Previously AhnMan) helps Genalogen during surveys of kinship. The shareware includes inter alia information on the birth as well as the death dates of ancestors and on this basis a mouse click a pedigree.

Ancestor Manager Download

If present, the ancestor manager also takes the addresses of the Ancients and photos on to his records. Sources refer to the entries also their place. For large families, a search function for fast location sought information or people makes. Any changes programmed stores the tool up on request for later called again. Existing data is handled by the ancestors managers from the ASCII file formats, Excel and GEDCOM. Conversely, the Access-based shareware exports the data in the same file types, this in XML or HTML files. the tool is complemented by custom reports that document the state of research.

Ancestor Manager Download

Limitations of The Ancients Manager (AhnMan)

30 day trial that adds to printing a demo Note.