Who NetCologne disorders would recognize observe or report, best advised to AlleStörungen download. The informative breakdown service is helpful and interesting information about all the failures and problems at NetCologne for Internet, television, mobile and telephone. More here, see the following!

NetCologne disorders: Always be informed of failures and maintenance work!

NetCologne is a cable operator in the Cologne / Bonn. NetCologne has its own network infrastructure and facilities include: digital television and high-speed ports. Mobile subscribers use the network of E-Plus (residential customers) or Vodafone (business customers). Unfortunately, it happens every now and then to NetCologne disorders, over which so many customers complain. Many, therefore, wish to have a focal point and overview of disorders to be always updated on the failures, problems or upcoming maintenance.

NetCologne disordersWhat do interfere with NetCologne? (Picture: NetCologne / pixabay / Editorial)

For technical problems, consult the NetCologne Hotline

Unfortunately NetCologne itself does not own such a disorder serving on its website, can be seen on the failures, maintenance and other problems. Anyone who has questions about technical problems or disorders should directly contact the hotline NetCologne According to the operator. This is by calling 0221-2222-800 Monday to Friday 8:00 to 22:00 accessible and Saturday 8:00 to 4:00 p.m..

Live Disorder card with the affected regions of disturbances

is much more informative as even the All faults web app that provides reliable figures to problems at NetCologne. The overview of the NetCologne disorders of the last 24 hours takes the user if the network services are currently affected by problems or run smoothly. is listed here also the regions in which failures are reported NetCologne customers intensified. A live clutter map is also available, which illustrates quite well where the last fault messages originate.

NetCologne AlleStörungen disordersThe web service AlleStörungen shows the exact disorder over the past 24 hours. (Picture: AlleStörungen / Editorial)

Report NetCologne disorders and inform each other

Those who want to participate yourself so that others can learn from the message of their own NetCologne problems clicks "I have a problem with NetCologne" and indicates to is what kind of fault: Phone, Internet, TV, mobile phone, SMS or email. The AlleStörungen Web App tells the viewer where the NetCologne services currently the biggest problems occur. The already dissolved NetCologne disorders listed meticulously, so that users can learn more in depth about issues that are fixed even later.

Informative Comments on failures

Quite revealing and informative and the comments of other users about the failures are. The user can respond, ask questions to fellow sufferers or post your own comments to contribute in the forum, the problems to get on the track.