Change folder color and iconsFolder Marker Home helps coloring folders and change their icons. What can be relatively cumbersome and do individually via operating system, with Folder Marker is simplicity.

assigning priority marks

What colorful folder? A color-split structure on the hard drive provides greater clarity and thus faster access to frequently used files. In addition Folder helps marker Home, assign projects and their associated files and folders without much effort a priority or progress marker. terms like "in progress" or "done" can thus be achieved with a few clicks.

Folder icons color for more order

Besides colorful folders Folder Marker Home exchanges naturally from the individual folder icons in itself. The letter folder set contained equips directories around with letters from A to Z in order to organize a variety of documents clearly. Changing the icons is doing relatively quickly. The practical overview helper extends the context menu and allows you to come up with a few clicks to the destination. scr_FM_Home2

Enable free full version:

Note: In the setup package you will find a TXT file that contains a link to the manufacturer's website. About this you will receive a registration code. This key can unlock the free full version.

In addition, the setup offers to install a small tool called Software Informer, which is not required for the function of the free full version. Some virus scanners Software Informer can lead to so-called heuristic hits.