WinLogOnView 1:03

WinLogOnView accesses the Event Log of Windows and shows when to which users turn on a PC system and have logged out. The freeware simplifies complex records of the Windows event log and displays them informative. WinLogOnView presents numerous details about the logins, including logon ID, user and computer name and domain. The logon and logoff times are also recorded as the network addresses. All data saves the user from optional in formats text, XML, CSV or HTML. The freeware offers an interesting insight into the PC use, especially when you share a computer with multiple users. Instead of laboriously sift through the Windows event logs themselves, WinLogOnView shows all logon times at a glance. With WinLogOnView also information on network computers can be retrieved. An installation of mobile tools is not required. With the additional language file the freeware can also be operated with a German interface.