With Google Takeout to users retrieve their stored data to Google. The free web service allows you to download a copy of all the data that the user may have stored in Google. Google Takeout is called on the German Google sites as Google Takeout. After logging into the personal Google account, the user determines whether all the data from all services or only a portion is packed into a ZIP archive. Google Takeout support among other services Google+, Picasa, Google Contacts, Hangouts, Google Drive, Blogger and YouTube. The complete backup is done in the form that is called by the name of the email address of the Google account of a ZIP archive. Of course, the files are, depending on type, delivered in common formats. Contact lists, for example, in VCF format or feeds from Google Reader in XML format. Google Takeout provides online as a handy tool to backup to Google stored data. Alternatively exported with the online helper deposited with Google contact lists, news feeds or photo albums without headache in other applications. Therefore, the freeware also provides for Internet surfers who want to turn their backs on Google completely, but first want to create a backup copy of your data locally ..