Grooveshark Unlocker

With the Grooveshark Unlocker Google Chrome users can finally bypass the annoying lock on the music stream service Grooveshark. To the computer using a Chrome extension is simply redirected to another proxy.

The installation of the Grooveshark Unlockers Chrome

The installation of the extension of the free web browser downloads Chrome is fast and easy with just one click. The Unlocker easily binds then in the browser with one. From there, he also only access to the site but not to the entire browser behavior the user. Here's a video tutorial on the quick and easy integration and installation Grooveshark Unlocker Chrome:

The operation of Grooveshark Unlocker Chrome

In Grooveshark is a free streaming service of music and radio, founded of 2006. Here, the user enters the search box of the home the desired title or artist and the service Grooveshark chooses its huge database the appropriate results. But since January 18, 2012, the page is blocked by GEMA in Germany. This Grooveshark Unlocker Chrome circumvents this annoying lock by a simple principle: The Unlocker is derived only for the website the browser to another proxy further, thereby enabling the user then enters a new and another IP address on the Grooveshark page. Important here is that the Unlocker only has access to and not to the whole browser behavior. Thus, the data security is guaranteed.

look & Feel the Unlockers

Since this is an extension of the web browser Chrome, there is no direct user interface that could serve the user. The Unlocker binds into the browser directly and acts automatically, once the page is called At that moment, he directs them immediately to the other proxy on. This transfer takes sometimes a good moment. Is the page but once established, it works quickly and smoothly and the music streaming is nothing in the way. The endless music experience for all music fans the user has to do nothing more than to install the extension Grooveshark Unlocker Chrome in its Web browser and typing in the address bar to get into the unlimited, ad-free listening. When connecting to the side of the Unlocker automatically latches onto one, takes the user to another proxy on and thus prepares the user endless stream of music - and indeed all free of charge and free of advertising. Since the user has to actually use per se in this software is nothing more, The tool is ideal for computer professionals and computer laymen and therefore is recommended for all music fans warmest.