Microsoft Windows 10 App Jigsaw

With the Microsoft Windows 10 App Jigsaw Friends of cultivated puzzles to explore new possibilities. The free game includes numerous designs and different game modes. Microsoft Jigsaw can be played excellently here with both mouse and keyboard as well as the touch screen.

Microsoft Windows 10 App JigsawMicrosoft Windows 10 Jigsaw App. Image: Microsoft

The Microsoft Windows 10 App Jigsaw sells boredom in many ways

This free puzzle game contains not only numerous designs and images, as well as several levels of difficulty. can be selected for each subject, how many parts to have a puzzle. For easy puzzle fun, the view can be increased via zoom in and out. Besides helping trays to sort the puzzle pieces and to keep track. Thanks to the help function, the parts can be arranged automatically. And the various modes ensure that arises even in the long run no boredom.

The three game modes: Classic, Jam and daily challenges

In the classic version of Microsoft Windows 10 Jigsaw app can be selected from many motifs and even created from personal photos puzzle. The images can easily be imported from your PC or camera and are exported again as a puzzle. The puzzles generated can even be shared in connection with friends.

The Jigsaw Jam mode brings pace to the game. While the clock is ticking, the puzzle must be solved. Multipliers and bonuses for clever features make the game unpredictable and it does not remain predictable, who can storm the high score list.

For many of the Microsoft Games Apps now daily challenges have been integrated. Even with Microsoft Jigsaw players to master new tasks daily. Who manages to solve enough puzzles in a month, can decorate with corresponding badge.

Microsoft Windows 10 App JigsawImage: Microsoft

Sign in with the Xbox account

The online service Xbox Live is basically free use, but can be added to the paid Gold membership. Who has such or a free account can not only retrieve his personal game statistics, but transferred his accumulated points in the high score list and then compare with other players or friends. In addition, the games are stored in the cloud, so that can be accessed from any device to the Games or the score. The Microsoft Windows 10 App Jigsaw has a connection to Xbox Live and can be synchronized in accordance with the user account.