hide WhatsApp contacts: How to do it

Who wants to take WhatsApp annoying contacts from view, has two options. We show you how hide WhatsApp contacts can. make smart here and hide people!

After WhatsApp for Android Download the user usually all contacts that are stored in their smartphones and WhatsApp have also appear in Messenger. But it is not always required for the purposes of the user. Under certain circumstances, you do not want to specify that certain persons are also displayed there.

hide WhatsApp contactshide WhatsApp contacts: How to do it! (Picture: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)

hide Contacts: protect privacy

WhatsApp is one of the most popular means of communication of our time. Users can chat not only to make calls, exchange photos and form groups with family and friends. But that also means that there are shared very personal things that are not always determined necessarily for the eyes of all. That is why many users ask the questions whether there is a way to hide individual contacts. However, anyone who by certain people is simply annoyed and she wants to disappear from view, looking perhaps for this possibility.

We have found two approaches that can cause certain WhatsApp to hide contacts.

2 solutions to hide contacts

The procedure for hiding individual contacts is relatively simple. The instructions are for Android devices. The following steps lead to the goal:

  • First, the user opens the address of the smartphone. There you created from all persons with whom you want to communicate WhatsApp, a custom list.

WhatsApp contacts hide phonebookFirst, open the address book. (Screenshot: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)* Then the Messenger is opened and called the settings using the menu.

  • The user navigates to further contacts. There check for all contacts will simply display removed.

WhatsApp contacts hide tick Then open the contact list. (Screenshot: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)

block contacts and hide

Who is pissed right of certain individuals or groups, it can also block in WhatsApp. So that messages of these contacts are no longer displayed. To that person can then remove its field of view you can hide these WhatsApp contacts. Essentially, the procedure is similar to the above. Only the beginning differs by blocking.

WhatsApp contacts hide blockOr you block a contact. (Screenshot: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)

  • The user first opens the chat client and goes to chat with the person he wants to block.
  • He clicks on the menu, and choose among them, select More, and then blocking.
  • If the person is blocked, the user can perform the procedure from the upper manual. Say: The settings and under the category contacts are opened.
  • Finally removed again show the user the check mark from all contacts. Thus blocked contacts are no longer displayed.