record phone screen without root: So it’ll work

As you can filming his computer screen, most people know. But how does it work on mobile devices? We show how his record phone screen can - even without root. Action!

Until recently, it was not readily possible abzufilmen the screen of Android devices. The procedure was associated with a lot of effort, but now there are apps, how to make the free download of AZ Screen Recorder app that have sprung from the ground, and taking this kind much easier. What recorder are all right - we show here.

record phone screenrecord phone screen without root? No problem

Without root phone record screen: Conditions

The basics that allow the user to take a few simple steps the screen of their smartphones, were placed through the updates of the Android operating system.

Until the Android version 4.4, the recording was very complicated, since users always need a root access. The only alternative was using an HDMI recorder. With the update to 4.4 (KitKat) the rooting a device was not necessarily a requirement. So you could connect his device also via ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and USB cable to a PC and then perform the screen capture in a roundabout way from this version.

known only since publication of the Android version 5.0, also known as Lollipop, this process has become child's play. So who wants to take his cell phone screen - all without a PC or root privileges - that requires at least lollipop. The second condition for receiving a corresponding App. We looked at a few of these Screen Recorder.

Good Screen Recorder for Android recordings

Whoever embarks on the search for Screen recorders, will quickly find that there is already not one, but a sizable selection. One thing they all taken up the cause: they want to facilitate the recording of the screen. Some may do better than others ...

Our favorite: the AZ Screen Recorder

Our favorite is clearly the AZ Screen Recorder. The app does not just what they want, it makes the whole thing even with asterisks and bravery. In our opinion, may serve to many users in the App Store that give the application 4.5 stars.

Cell phone screen record AZ Screen RecorderThis app is currently among the best screen recorders to capture the screen of the mobile phone

To accommodate his cell phone screen, it takes just one click on the app. In addition, there are no requirements as to the length of the video and the pause is also possible. Other advantages of the app are:

  • Takes the picture and sound on
  • Setting options for video resolution, FPS, Bitrate
  • No watermarks or advertising* Add text, logos or Countdown possible
  • Shots in QHD and FullHD
  • Has timelapse and slow motion

The many features speak for themselves. If that's not enough, you can buy the premium version. Thus, the user is then gimmicks such as a GIF converter, video trimmer and a FaceCam.

Cell phone screen record appsAnother Recorder is the Lollipop Screen Recorder of Rivulus

Other mobile phone screen recorder

In addition to our favorites but there are also other screen recorder, with which users can also easily record their mobile phone screen. The following tools also do not cut off badly:

  • (1) Lollipop screen recorder of Rivulus
  • (2) Best Screen Recorder No root of Android Screen Recorder
  • (3) Ilos screen recorder - 5.0+ ICOS LCC
  • (4) Tele Cline Jake Wharton
  • (5) Rec. (Screen Recorder) of SPECTRL