The Mobile Atlas Creator created offline maps for mobile devices and it uses freely available map sources. The freeware draws on online card service provider to use Google Maps to OpenStreetMap. Mobile Atlas Creator proves especially useful when you want a limited, regional map for use with GPS smartphones and mobile navigation software, for example, for a vacation or a sports tour at hand. This does not require too much space in contrast to the large German or European maps and serves owners of GPS-enabled phones without data plan on the road as a useful aid for offline navigation. First, the user selects the card source, a map section and the target format in Mobile Atlas Creator. The number of zoomable levels can be set. The map created, you can now simply copy to the memory card of a GPS device. let previously subscribe to desired waypoints or routes in the offline maps. Mobile Atlas Creator allows you to create individual map information for offline navigation with mobile devices. Those who have no Internet connection on its outdoor tours or want to miss out on cost grounds it has nevertheless always on hand with the freeware the appropriate maps.