Nature sounds app

Nature sounds app

The Nature sounds app plays magical sounds of nature, which are perfect for relaxing and sleeping, for example, soothing sound of the sea or the nightly sound of crickets.

Nature sounds app with realistic sounds to relax and sleep

With nature sounds app, the user can listen to, inter alia, a thunderstorm with splashing rain or a waterfall. The nature sounds in infinite loop provide relaxation, help unwind after a hectic day and also make falling asleep valuable help.

The natural sounds can be customized by the user. So you can for example increase the birdsong or add the sound of a burning fire. The nature sounds are realistic and high quality. While listening you get the feeling of actually are in the woods or on the beach.

Nature sounds appNature sounds app with wonderful sounds from the sound of the sea up to the sound of crickets (Picture: Relaxio)

Set timer to fall asleep

In practice, the integrated timer that can be set to two hours, flexible one minute. The app will automatically turn off after the specified period of time so that the sounds of nature do not go through the whole night. The sounds themselves are included in the app. Therefore, the nature sounds app is also used offline and when you play the nature sounds no Internet connection required.

Nature sounds app timerSetting timers and soothes sleep (Picture: Relaxio)

Customizable natural sounds of waterfalls to warehouse fire

The following thirteen customizable sounds of nature can experience the listener in nature sound app: Relaxing Ocean, Soothing field, summer forest, waterfall, mountain forests, Windy Mountain, nightly lake, rain on grass, rain, rain on window, thunderstorms, Quiet night and warm campfire ,

Additional noises like seagulls singing, croaking frogs or thunderstorms vary

The user has the possibility to accentuate the main noise like waterfall, wind, fire or rain with additional details such as a gull singing, frog Quack, Wolf howling, owls noises or thunder and to vary their occurrence in the frequency or volume all as desired in each case.

Nature sounds app campfireCrackling campfire with the howling of wolves and owls noise (image: Relaxio)