With the Bitmoji app Users create custom emoticons in the cult comic style. The manufacturer Bitstrip has become famous for his comic app and provides the avatars now available as emoji available.

Bitmoji app: comic book character as an emoticon

Thanks to the Android app, users can send individual emoji. For this, a personal comic character is not created, which then plays the main role in various scenes. Who recreates the avatar the own appearance or familiar faces, can inspire his friends through the witty images.

The figure in over 250 different kinds of scenes that are constantly being extended by the developers appear. Thus is not lost with the large selection of overview of the scenes in five different categories like love or joy are classified.

In the huge offer is Emojis that represent the classic, smiling, questioning and kissing emoticons find. Here, the difference in effect between the yellow balls and familiar faces is enormous. In addition to the emotional and informative expressions are also found cheeky references to current trends and memes from the network.

Bitmoji app

Bitmoji for Messenger

Since Facebook opened its Messenger for extensions of other developers that personal emoticons can also be sent in chat the social network. For that select users in the download area Bitmoji for Messenger APK out. If this is installed in connection with the Facebook Messenger, all little pictures can be sent without detours in the chat. Those who want to use the personalized emoji, both in Facebook and in other messenger applications, unfortunately both Android Apps must be installed previously on the smartphone. Fortunately, when you send in chat rooms accessed from the general Bitmoji app is possible and any installed messenger appear as an option for sending. In addition, the emoticon selection at answers in messages is displayed.

Bitmoji App Messenger

Bitstrips account for Bitmoji necessary

So you can create a custom emoticon, a Bitstrips account must be present. The initial registration can be done via Facebook, but the service still asks in addition to its own password.

Then you can put together their own avatar, where you can choose the style between the realistic style Bitstrip and a manganese-like Bitmoji.

Bitmoji App Avatar

Thus, this looks similar as possible to the real person, are countless variations ready to face and jaw shapes, hairstyles, eyeglasses and even eyebrows. However, the range of possibilities in cute manga style is much smaller. In the clothing, the offer also feels relatively restricted to. Users can not select shoes, tops and bottoms separately and must always choose between complete outfits with predetermined colors.