Watch Youtube videos together

Watch Youtube videos together

While watching together clips on Youtube has long been possible with suitably competent support is the whole also still really comfortable. Read more..

Watch Youtube videos together with Watch2Gether

YouTube clips include many areas of daily life. One can find a cool clip, you send usually the corresponding web address to friends and family, or share them on social networks like Facebook & Co. To then, however, to have fun together, you have to vote exactly when, for example, is about the launch of the video. now ring for one of the parties about the phone, a vote is due again. To avoid the annoying vote ** ** Watch2Gether provides a customized solution. First open user a private screening room. This is very simple by entering a name vonstatten. Now it invites acquaintances into the room – looks can often videos, recommended the creation of a free account. In this way, video enthusiasts can reserve a fixed name, so guests know where they always have login. Optionally, a einzelen clip or whole playlists can prepare in Watch2Gether. The selection of the video is the way a built-in clip browser, so it is necessary for a separate YouTube screen. Search Watch2Gether videos and selectWatch2Gether public space

Full control: Moderated rooms in Watch2Gether

As long as one does not make any changes to the settings, all those present have control over the demonstration: adjust the volume, play and pause, fast forward and rewind as well as the selection of the next clip is available for all attendees ready. Tip: As long as you have registered not have its own user name, every visitor to the video portion of service can enter the room and take over control of the playback. The common watching YouTube videos with friends that is certainly the right choice unfold yet so the benefits of Watch2Gether terms of shared video control. If you want Watch2Gether but used as moderated showroom, is also the set with a few clicks. First, registering one account is due. In the Settings top right is then the option is "Enable moderation" under the menu item "Room Settings", For this, users enter the video room a name, enable moderation, and already incumbent on the creator of sole control of the clip. As for presenting videos or video analysis of sporting events and the like who moderated Channel is just the thing. Here a no blunders in between, and yet everyone see the same location in the video. Via chat can express all present itself either way. Watch2Gether Moderated roomWatch2Gether Moderated Room 2

Alternative: Google Plus Hangouts

For holders of access to Google Plus ** G + Hangouts provides ** long been a similar solution. Which is not quite as comfortable, it uses itself and the video Friends and anyway the G + Social Net, you also look here quick and easy YouTube clips together on. Prerequisite is here, however, the Google surfboard with the chrome surface. Happy sharing!