Orion TV app

Orion TV app

Orion TV customers can now watch their favorite shows when and where they want. With the free Orion TV app it is possible for them to take their television anywhere consequently. The app supports not only live TV, but allowed to watch programs even up to 72 hours after the TV broadcast.

Orion TV app: TV on the move

Most users is a trademark of Orion in this country mainly through TV sets a term. Orion Telekom, however, is a Serbian company that has established itself as IPTV operators a name. User can book a package with the operator and then enjoy a wide variety of Internet TV offers. With the associated app, the company aims to provide its customers with free and unbound television. Away from local TV, one now gets its TV favorites, sports programs and series to his iOS or Android device. So you can casually sit with friends in a café and for example follow a football game live. Or you look at on the tablet in bed at night at his favorite tearjerker, where you can then gently fall asleep.

Orion TV appOrion TV app: IPTV to go test thanks Free Trial

What must be considered in the App TV?

This app is intended actually to all customers of Orion Telekom who booked there a particular package. You have to register and then get access to their booked TV package. To attract customers, the company had offered a trial version with which you could use the app without a contract. The action should run only for a set period of time actually, but was now extended due to popular demand. That is, who downloads the app, you can use the button Free trial! test the app and enjoy free internet TV on their mobile device.

We provide both the Orion TV Android version as well as app for iPhones and iPads ready. So that no one of his data consumption falls from the clouds with regard to a few days, it is recommended to use the app only over WiFi. In addition, an Internet bandwidth of 2 megabits per second is required.

This can be with Orion TV Android

The TV App provides access to all the channels that you can use on his Android device at will. In addition, the Orion TV app a detailed program guide with detailed information and photographs.

Orion TV App ProgramInternet TV, including program guide

The highlight: The user can not only look live TV, he can also enjoy programs that he missed later. The app supports the so-called catch-up TV. This means that broadcasts up to 72 hours after they were broadcast on television can be watched later.