Textr app

Textr app

Not always comes a voice message at the right time in the right environment. Sometimes we can us the message can not listen – but want to know the content yet. The Textr app for Android smartphone helps: It converts a voice message in text so that we can read silently just what has since been chattering on device us the contact.

It is, incidentally, no matter what your Messenger used. The tool works with all apps that support voice messages.

Textr appIf you can not listen to a voice message times that helps Textr app. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Textr app converts speech to text

Clear voice messages can be handy – when you yourself just can not touch or go with headphones anyway. But in many situations they are simply impractical. Because if it is very loud in the area, it is difficult to understand what is being said. And often we find ourselves in environments that are very low and where we can have a voice message simply not play – for example, at work, at school or at public events.

This is where the Textr app: It promises to convert speech to text, so we can just read through the spoken word. And this is how it works:

Mark Textr app messageIn order to convert a voice message, your marks them and communicate them to the Textr app. (Picture: CreaDOit)

Tap and convert

  1. Opens WhatsApp or messenger app of your choice and navigate to chat with the voice message that want to translate your text.
  2. Marks the voice message and tap on the sharing icon.
  3. It opens a window at the bottom of the screen that you, among other choices, the Textr: provides voice message to text app for election. Chooses this.
  4. Your message is now displayed as text and you can watch it easy to read and listen later reasonable if you again have the chance.

convert Textr appThe app then converts the voice message into a text that you can just read. (Picture: CreaDOit)

Many languages, bumpy implementation

All 13 languages ​​supported the app so far: German, English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Persian (Farsi), Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.

Unfortunately, the conversion does not work quite as perfect. A problem that also share similar apps like the Textify app for the iPhone, is the poor translation of punctuation. Which should in fact be an extra mitgesprochen. especially not when the speaker speaks very vaguely – Textr but does not recognize even in places words correctly.

Even the smart phone to the Internet must be connected so that the conversion works. In the house CreaDOit, her character developer of the app, you but constantly working on improvements, they say.

The app runs on the way Android version 4.0. iOS users have to use the competitor Textify. Still looking for the perfect messenger or interested in more free telecommunications Apps: Our download database has a lot in stock.