FaceTime does not work? We show that problems with the video telephony service may occur by Apple and how they can be resolved quickly and easily. More below!

FaceTime does not work? Not all devices support the Apple video calling

If things do not go after downloading the FaceTime app for video telephony smooth, the user should first check whether the device actually supports video telephony service. FaceTime namely not suitable for all generations of Apple devices. Especially with older models problems of various kinds may occur. FaceTime, however, should work properly with the following devices: Mac OSX 10.6.6 from, iPod 4, iPhone 4, iPad 2 and each new. However, FaceTime can not be used over the cellular data network with the iPad 2 or the iPhone 4th Another limitation: The iPod touch 4 does not allow FaceTime video chat.

Check internet connection and adjust the time zone

Prerequisite for the use of FaceTime on Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch also has a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. If the user does not FaceTime calls longer make or receive, it should therefore check whether the device is actually connected via Wi-Fi or mobile data connection to the Internet. Who uses FaceTime exclusively via a mobile data connection, check whether the option is enabled Mobile data use for FaceTime. These can be found under Settings > Mobile data and must also be turned on as settings > FaceTime. If "Waiting for activation" is displayed, the user disables FaceTime and activated it back on afterwards. Apple itself also advises in this connection settings > General > date & opening time and turn Set Automatically to ensure that the correct time zone is set. Then restart the device!

FaceTime does not workFaceTime does not work? We show causes and solutions. Source: Apple

Also an outdated version of iOS may be the cause of the problems to be

It often helps in mobile devices, the FaceTime works to solve non-issue if disabled in the settings iMessage and FaceTime, the device is restarted and both services again be turned on. Activation of iMessage and FaceTime, however, can take up to 24 hours, according to Apple. If problems persist, even a stale version of iOS may be to blame. In this case, the user should upgrade to the latest version of iOS.

Problems with the connection or the sound quality

If indeed FaceTime runs, but problems with the connection or the sound quality occur, it could be because the mobile data connection or Wi-Fi network are too slow or other users audio or video content on the same Wi-Fi network to stream. Hints of this are connecting warnings or failed connections, choppy video calls and abandoned calls.

A prerequisite for use of FaceTime is a valid Apple ID

also a valid Apple ID is required for the use of FaceTime. Who does not have or has forgotten learns here how he can create his Apple ID. If it despite everything does not work with FaceTime, the user can contact the Apple Support or by phone at 0800-2000136 to the Apple customer service.