AREAL brings a printing center with many practical templates for graph paper & Co. home. On request, we own requirements also adjusts the ready-made templates. Whether graph paper, lined or checkered sheets, whether ready format, self-chosen intervals, logarithmic units, sheet music, or tables - AREAL has it on board. Users select between portrait and landscape format and A4 or magazine format (2x A5). For further projects, such as tests or project work, users insert a special baseboards. Here are fields for date, name and theme of the work ready etc.. Practical: the integrated preview shows changes directly and thus saves just in case, even paper. AREAL not one of the visually most valuable applications - this is about functionality. How to create school and university students, as well as technical draftsman & Co., templates according to their own requirement. The application is simple, the results are practical forms for little money.

Limitations of AREAL pressure graph paper sheet

In the shareware version, all formats are not printable.