Internet Explorer compatibility mode solves display problems

Microsoft has improved the Internet Explorer 8 in many places, especially in terms of safety. But the latest surf board from Redmond occasionally provides websites is correct. A little feature here acts miracle.

Display Problems in IE8 - Why is it?

Is still missing graphics, there, the navigation bar is moved ... You can not make sweeping statements which elements of a website are out of place or does not appear. It depends on the programming of the website, as well they will be rendered in Internet Explorer. 8 Since many surfers are still using the IE7 move, many Internet services are still tuned to the old version.

Carry IE7 me turn on Compatibility Mode

the Kompatibilitatsansicht settingsIf you think that a site appears distorted, is not a step backwards for IE7 necessary. In version 8 of Redmond browser Compatibility View is integrated. If a Web page does not display correctly, click Extras and then compatibility view. The page is reloaded. about Extras and Compatibility View Settings change the fine tuning of the function. Here is an overview of pages that are running in Compatibility View, and also determine if necessary that the browser intranet sites also invites the view of IE7.

retrofit compatibility mode in Firefox: With the power of two hearts

Firefox Friends do not necessarily stand in front of closed doors. When the fire fox is struggling with display problems, access to extension IETab. After installation, the heart beat in the browser of two browser engines with Internet Explorer and Firefox. The smart extension renders predefined Web pages with the IE engine. Display problems are eliminated. IETabIn particular, beating webmasters a trick that optimize their sites nor for Internet Explorer. So the use of ActiveX is possible for example. Compatiblity and IETab show that you navigated skillfully display problems. Although HTML now offers plenty of ways a website quasi "Disability Access" to design, not do all website owners use it. The methods allow for a more relaxing solution to this problem, which is actually none of the user.