Of the aha! Excel wedding planner download proves to be a useful tool for lovers and is an Excel spreadsheet for ease of wedding planning.

aha Excel wedding planner Download: helper for the most important day in the life

The Excel spreadsheet helps to stay organized and to minimize the planning effort, which can be easily underestimated, in order to concentrate on the essentials: the partner. In addition, the couple thanks to the cost accounting is prevented from overloading the budget. Of course, also a convenient guest management is a must.

aha! Excel wedding planner download

Features of Excel aha - wedding planners include a to-do list, a cost accounting broken down by planned costs and actual costs and a guest list separately for bride and groom. The aha! Excel wedding planner displays a variety of useful information, including the number of adults, children and infants. If a guest appeals, it is automatically included in the cost accounting. The tables are optimized for printing. To simplify operation, are fields that are not to be changed by the user protected. This protection can always be canceled.