Update iTunes library – how it’s done!

Since the media manager does not automatically update, users have even the Update iTunes library. read now and update!

iTunes is a multimedia player that is primarily used for playing music and movie files. Other key features include the conversion of files and importing audio CDs. iTunes not only runs on iOS, and Windows users can use the media manager and download here iTunes for Windows. Now you want to update the library in iTunes, you have to handle it manually. Automatic updating of the library is not supported.

Update iTunes library

Update iTunes library - manually with a little trick possible

Since iTunes itself does not automatically update the library, it must be updated manually. iTunes stores all the files that are added to the library by drag-and-drop, in the iTunes library. If you add to that folder automatically add songs, they are not automatically added to the library. Nor does deleting files from the iTunes library. Although the file in the library can not be played back then, but it is still displayed in the library. In order to update the library, you must therefore take action themselves.

Requirements to update the library

To update the library, it is recommended to have installed the latest version of iTunes. In addition, administrative rights may be needed if the iTunes library is not authorized for general access by all users.

So updating the library is working step by step

In order to update the iTunes library, you should proceed as follows:

1st step: First, the new songs are copied to the Music folder used by iTunes. However, an automatic adding by the manager does not take place, because it does not recognize the file.

Step 2: Now the user the entire folder (iTunes Library) by drag-and-drop should move into the library. Alternatively, the folder can be selected and added via the function File and Folder to Library to add.

Update iTunes library Add Folder

Step 3: Now the appropriate folders must be marked and confirmed select the process using folders. Now the added files should appear in the media library and can be played.

To delete files, it is recommended by the way, directly in the library and not in the library to remove, since so the file can be deleted either from library and library or only from the library.