Charging congstar Prepaid: How to do it!

Charging congstar Prepaid: How to do it!

The congstar recharge prepaid works in six different ways: by app, charging, SMS, phone, online and via a monthly direct debit. We show how these options work easily. More on this below!

congstar prepaid recharge made easy

Charging the congstar prepaid credit is partially effected via the meincongstar app download or via charging stations to supermarkets, banks and gas stations. Here congstar customers can purchase prepaid credit at the cash sale. Especially convenient is the charge by direct debit. Who wants to use this to book prepaid credit by direct debit, bring to a specified desired date mobile phone credit back on track.

congstar recharge prepaidThere are six different options for congstar prepaid recharge. Source: congstar

Possibility no. 1: Charging congstar prepaid credit by app

Who wants to boost his credit per app, select at congstar Login tab, airtime from. Here the user has the choice of the amounts 15 €, 30 € and 50 €. The desired balance will be automatically debited from your own bank account.

Possibility no. 2: congstar prepaid recharge via Aufladepartner

Credit for the congstar prepaid card for 15 € or 30 € in various so-called Aufladepartnern, so for example, supermarkets and drugstores available. The stations range from real, dm, famila, Rossmann, Kloppenburg and Müller to ATMs of the Savings Banks Finance Group and the cooperative banks and the Aral and Shell gas stations. congstar offers it at retail in two prepaid charging solutions. When charging the mobile phone credit with the cash code from the cash register receipt, the user selects the phone &# 42; 101&# 42; # cash code and then press the green call button.

congstar prepaid recharge chargingAufladepartner include supermarkets, gas stations and drugstores.

The alternative is the direct charging through a terminal at the checkout, your own phone number is entered into the terminal at twice to prompt automatic charging occurs. This direct charging via a debit card terminal is possible with savings banks, cooperative banks and postal banks. The user clicks on the EC machines on the function mobile phone recharge, selects among the mobile operators congstar and enters the own secret PIN. Then twice enter the phone number and select the recharge amount. Finally, the user will receive a confirmation text message about the charging.

congstar prepaid recharge via SMS: Option no. 3

For charging via SMS as with the following options to participate in the direct debit is necessary. It will also require a recharge PIN as a personal identification number. This will recharge in under credit meincongstar > established to charge by phone or text message. The user sends then to the congstar prepaid card SMS to speed dial 22011 with the text Charging and personal charging PIN. Who or recharge the prepaid card with 30 € and its charging PIN wants to boost 5678, sent the following text: Charging 30 5678th

Charging congstar prepaid telephone at home and abroad: Option no. 4

Congstar customer calls domestically free speed dial 22011 and follow the prompts. the four-digit PIN recharge is needed here. Abroad, the call goes to + 49-171-2522011 and is billed as a standard connection from abroad to Germany.

congstar prepaid recharge queryThe congstar prepaid credit can be requested quickly and easily.

Possibility no. 5: congstar prepaid online recharge

In meincongstar choosing among Charging the point of direct charge. Then select the amount of 15, 30 or 50 € and the user will receive a confirmation SMS as soon as the charging is done.

Possibility no. 6: congstar prepaid credit automatically via monthly debit

Here Monthly charge the desired amount is under meincongstar the item is activated and set, which is now on a month automatically loaded on their prepaid card. The setting, of course, change or disable at any time online.