The Dr.Web LiveCD brings a boot CD for the virus scan and cleanup to the PC. The small Linux distribution does not require a functioning operating system because they bring their own. If Windows does not want me, good advice. If it is due to a viral infection, you need the operating system in general, to run a virus scanner. Thanks to Dr. Web Live CD to handle this situation simply by its own boot from CD to perform the virus scan. Here, both viruses / worms / trojans can be deleted, as well as infected files disinfected and then made ready for use again. Plus there's some standard tools like the Firefox, a mail client, the Midnight Commander file and a text editor. In addition, we created with minimal effort bootable USB sticks with the associated application "Create LiveUSB", The download consists of an ISO file that must be burned to a shekel after downloading. In our download catalog to different burning programs are available for free download. Quick, easy, and just in case the last bastion: The freeware Dr.Web Live CD can save days of work for the reinstallation of the operating system. Practical and definitely a download tip.