GAEB converter

GAEB converter

Of the GAEB converter download holds a lot more than its program name promises. While the shareware their name converts to between different versions of the exchange format of the construction industry, but it makes among other things, corrupt files readable again and more.

GAEB converter download supports many formats GAEB

This includes asking for the creation of completely new electronic bills of exchange in the various phases. Phase 81 – Specifications to phase 94 – Price range extends the span here. Here, both converters only short texts as well as the combination of short and long text are possible in GAEB, as gang in the construction industry software commonplace.

GAEB converter download

Of file formats and file extensions supported GAEB converter Download the output format following versions:

  • GAEB 90: d81, d82, d83, d84, d85, D86
  • GAEB 2000: p81, p82, p83, p84, p85, p86, p89, p93, p94
  • GAEB XML: x81, x82, x83, x84, x85, x86
  • MS Excel: xls, xlsx, xlsm
  • MS Word: doc, docx, txt, rtf, htm, html, pdf
  • MS Access mdb, accdb
  • dBASE: dbf
  • ├ľNorm: dtn, onlv
  • Datanorm: 000-999, wrg, rab
  • REB: d11, D1E, d12
  • UGL: 000-999
  • XML API: tml, xml

watch for in this context that in some file formats such as Excel only short texts can be selected. In addition, only GAEB 90 is already included in the basic package, for other larger packages of GAEB converter are required. but is externally provided service specifications in the formats for their reading processing on the menu.

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edited converter and corrects delivered bills

Here offers the GAEB converter among other things, tracking down incorrectly registered double positions, splitting and combining of specifications, spell checking and much more features. In addition, already provides the basic version of the converter its users tools for calculation or cost estimation, accounting including payment invoices and for oversize and price levels for application ready.

Import of customer data from the Outlook Address Book

Also included in the standard equipment is the acquisition of existing contact information from the Outlook address book. The higher expansion stages of the converter, for example, make the import of product data via data standard format possible what the pricing but much easier and faster.

Modular construction and expansion of converter

In addition, for example, the most developed Maxi Edition includes means of which the documents created with the GAEB converter before final output can be adapted to the optical appearance of the company, a design module. Also here is the Book of standard works with STLB contain a collection of texts to works which was compiled by the committee for electronics in construction GAEB.

As a lot of sense, it proves that the manufacturer of the GAEB converter offers its program in a modular design. Who, for example, in his daily work long does not need all the file formats and features listed can upgrade the basic version with modules that are required for his business, thereby saving many a euro. As a small flaw to mention converter download remains the seven days rather short test phase, the use of which also registered with the manufacturer is required in the otherwise quite commendable GAEB – here a longer trial period would be desirable. Right little weight on the other hand not too contemporary-held user interface that is indeed the eye not too pleasing, but does not detract from the usability of the GAEB converter falls.

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Limitations of GAEB converter

The trial version is seven days working and sets a registration requires the manufacturer.