Time system

Time system manages working hours of individual employees or entire workforces. Its strengths, the time system from among the various possibilities for recording working times. Whether simple recording of working and project times, or the transparent management of appointments and vacation and sick days, time system is simple to use and flexible. Optionally, the time switch can be operated at a time recording terminal or your own PC. Here he goes with keyboard, touch screen, transponders or even a fingerprint reader. Alternatively, the detection may eklektronisch done via web browser or even via a landline or mobile phone by calling a landline number or via GPRS transponder terminal. Besides pure timekeeping time system is also suitable for recording project times for presentation to the customer. Hourly rates for individual employees can be stored in the system and automatically used for invoicing. In addition, provides customizable reports and evaluations, an interface for payroll and billing as well as the possibility of booking via batch file. Time recording systems are many. However, time system scores with a modern interface and highly flexible options catalog in detecting the times, even in a variety of Angsetellten.

Limitations of Time System

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