Of the RagTime download comes as a combined solution for Office and DTP tasks on the computer. The shareware cares how the models from the houses Microsoft and OpenOffice also tasks such as word processing and spreadsheets, but can do much more.

RagTime download as a useful aid office operation

The included layout module is based on so-called containers and operates in a similar manner to Adobe InDesign and similar professional designers. Thanks to this operation to text and graphics can be placed precisely in the context on the sides and filled with content. Because RagTime includes as an all-inclusive package modules from the text editor through to the vector-based drawing program that annoying switching back and forth is omitted between several specialized programs as well as the handling of compatible file formats: Here is one of the strengths of the integrated program concept shows.

Is the import externally of delivered data but even inevitable, RagTime impressed by the variety of supported file formats. From the Excel table of Word text to the JPG or EPS graphic, the common in the PC world files find their way into the layout frame. Interestingly, the shareware are pre-designed documents, if necessary, in color-separated form from as high-resolution PDFs, making the versatile helper is also suitable for use in prepress. Thanks to output formats such as HTML and RTF RagTime is, however, even in regular office operating a useful helper.

RagTime download

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