Last chaos

Last chaos

At the Last Chaos Download , players embark on an adventure on the fantasy continent of Iris. This is populated with over 4 million players from Europe. Who wants to move up the hierarchy of power and victory must use his magical powers and choose allies sent.

Rulers in Last Chaos Download

The massively multiplayer online role-playing game offers players the choice between the bright and the dark side. But no matter which league you choose, the way the ruler of the fantasy world is long and fraught with danger.

The game world in Last Chaos has the typical attributes of any fantasy world. There are major port cities, impressive ice palaces, dangerous volcanoes and gloomy catacombs.

In the cities drifts with other players trade. In this safe ground there is a lively exchange of goods and information. Even harvested herbs also serve as a commodity like energy captured stones. You might want to here learn new skills and forge alliances that will pave the way to power.

Last Chaos Download

Quest formats for RPG

Who wants to swing his weapon, has this in Last Chaos universe many ways.

In personal Dungeons individual missions to be solved. Here in particular lone can play and put their talents. In public Dungeons several players go exploring and monster hunting. Whether one works as a team or person goes to Kill Score Competition, each itself is left.

In the Chapel of Mooraska teamwork is a must, however. A group of 32 warriors and warriors embarks there on an expedition that can be made only with intelligent coordination and good communication.

Last Chaos character classes

After the Last Chaos Download, each player can choose a character class. Here, the classic fantasy optic visionary armored knights and permissive, busty elf is preserved. In addition to the visual attributes of each character class has its own special skills.

Last Chaos Download character classes

Titans were created by the god of darkness and, thanks to their size, strength and endurance popular campaigner in every battle. You preclude the Knights, use the honor and skill in battle for good. They are less strong than the Titans, however, this difference by making tactics and skill more than compensated. Female warriors are Schur chins and night elves who move with their speed and crossbow into battle.

Mages, shadow priests and healers who specialize in the manipulation of life energy. Depending on their loyalty and mission they can help other players or do great damage with this ability. however, Summoner and Erzmagierinnen employ the forces of nature to achieve their goals.

For which character class you also decides the outcome of a fight can never foresee.