recharge, query or give credit App Store

be who App Store credit wishes to query, recharge it or give it away, here learns step by step how to do it. Full information about iTunes is available here in the practical overview!

After iTunes for Windows download, you can manage more easily from a Windows PC to be iTunes credits by the way.

App Store query balances

Who wants to know how high its App Store credit is, it can directly mobile on the iPhone, iPad and iPod. To do this select on that device either the iTunes Store, the App Store or iBooks Store. In the next step the point highlights selected and scrolled all the way down under the option iBooks. If the application has not yet taken place, must now be logged with the Apple ID and password. If a credit is available, this is displayed directly under the ID. Those who prefer to query his account via the PC, logs on with his data in iTunes - the existing balance will be displayed in the right corner. Analogous to this procedure can be called the balance in iBooks for Mac and the Mac App Store.

App Store creditCharging App Store via iTunes credit.

recharge credit

There are two basic options to weiterzushoppen with his Apple account:

1. increase the iTunes account via Map

First, the iTunes Store on the mobile device or the PC must be opened and logged in with the appropriate credentials. Following you will find on the PC under the option at a Glance - or by scrolling relatively far down on the mobile device, the point redemption. the code of the iTunes card can now be entered and the transaction to be confirmed by clicking on Redeem. Optionally, the code can be easily scanned using the camera.

2. crediting credit online

Those who want to top up their accounts directly, which may also simply through this link via PayPall. Alternatively, could be charged to the account of 25 euros, 50 euros or 100 euros. Following the code is unlocked and can be redeemed as described above.

iTunes gift Cards

An App Store credit can give away also. Apple offers two types of gift cards; the one for the Apple Store (monochrome) and the other for the iTunes (colored, patterned or provided with a motif). The gift types for iTunes can either be purchased via the above link of PayPal and send or direct from Apple at this link. Here, the present either via mail can be sent as right card or via e-mail with the appropriate code. However, in the postal version, only an amount of 100 euros can be given away. Via mail the gift-giver can select an amount between 10 euros and 500 euros.

Give app store creditQuick and easy on App Store give credit via e-mail. Images: Apple.