recipe management

Recipe Management maintains own recipes and information on the processed foods in it. The freeware assumes all recipe ingredients automatically into a food database, where they manage home cooks comfortable. The surface of the recipe management proves to simply as useful as well. The main window presents a sortable and filterable list of all stored recipes. Once the user is recipe management selects an item from the list, the freeware shows the associated image, the ingredient list and preparation instructions. Useful is also the recipe list in which several recipes can be assembled into a diet. The recipes can be sorted by categories and filter settings, for example, only Greek or Italian recipes list. Who has little time for cooking, is limited to prescriptions that do not exceed a certain maximum preparation time. Any food the user in the database can create a nutritional and vitamin table next to the preferred dealer. The ingredients of one or more recipes are combined on request to a shopping list. Sorting by traders and category facilitates the purchase. The shopping list will be sent on request directly from within the program by e-mail. The import of recipes from web pages or text documents into the recipe management is possible. Conversely, you can recipes, export meal plans and shopping lists as formatted text documents and print them.