Wanna Cry emergency patch for Microsoft Windows

A blackmail Trojans in mid-May 2017 caused worldwide uproar and older Windows systems paralyzed. With the Wanna Cry emergency patch download can protect computers against ransomware.

Wanna Cry emergency patch download closes gap

In no time hackers were able with the Trojan "Wanna Cry" become the world the data of hundreds of thousands computers and this blocking - to demand only after a ransom in the form of Bitcoins. Individuals were older Windows versions that are no longer or rarely receives security patches. The point: An already known vulnerability, which no longer exists in Windows 10th Therefore affected PCs with operating systems to Windows 8.1 are.

Wanna Cry emergency patch downloadThe Wanna Cry emergency patch download protects Windows XP, Server 2003 and 8 before the blackmail Trojans. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

The fatal: Countless computers, including those belonging to government agencies, companies and hospitals, are still running with the old, no longer supported versions of Windows. For this reason, manufacturing companies and the German railway and major utilities were affected by the cyber-attack. And you quite compute with other, similar attacks.

Microsoft has provided in response to the attack therefore a Wanna Cry emergency patch download is available that can be installed on normally no longer geupdateten computers. The patch called KB4012598 thus ensures alongside Windows Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 also from the 8th

install security patch now

All three versions had not received a security update in March 2017 which should close the critical gap "Eternal Blue". That hackers would take advantage of this, therefore, was only a matter of time.

Companies still working with one of these versions should now act quickly to secure its data and download the patch and install it on the computer. Because experts expect that the Wanna Cry attack could not have been the last of its kind.

Further information on the Trojans found here: hacker attack on Windows: Wanna Cry puts computer lame

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