Revenge Stream: All four seasons see online!

Of the Revenge stream with four seasons and 89 episodes among the most popular TV series. We show where there's Revenge online and also reveal whether Revenge is available at Netflix via the Netflix app. learn more here - even if there will be a Revenge Season 5!

Revenge Stream: On the vendetta in the world of the rich

In the US drama series Revenge Amanda Clarke (Emily VanCamp) returns under the name Emily Thorne back to the place of their childhood, in the luxurious life in the Hamptons, the tempting world of New York's most exclusive society. However, Amanda seeks neither a luxury nor a sophisticated life, but wants revenge on the people who once ruined the lives of her father and her family happiness. Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) and Conrad Grayson (Henry Czerny) made their father for a crime charge, which they committed themselves. This meant that Amanda aka Emily ended up as a child in a nursing home and her father was sentenced to life imprisonment for alleged money laundering for a terrorist group.

Revenge streamRevenge Stream: Amanda takes revenge for her ruined childhood. Source: VOX

She seeks revenge on the men behind the plot to her father and will be supported by the entrepreneur Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) supported. For her revenge, she rents a beach house near the Grayson property. She gets that way by little information about her father's past and the people who were involved in the conspiracy.

Revenge Season 4 in German Free-TV on VOX

The Revenge Season 1 aired on the US network ABC for the first time in September 2011 and was extended for another seasons due to the large audience success. In 2012, the Revenge Season 2 was already running and the following year the Revenge Season 3. The grand finale was the Revenge Season 4 of 28 September 2014 to 10 May 2015 on ABC. In Germany, RTL Group secured the broadcast rights and the Revenge Season 1 ran from June to August 2013 Double Feature. The Revenge Season 3 was seen in VOX in July 2015 and on June 8, 2016 finally launched Revenge Season 4 on free TV.

Revenge stream Amazon Video, max cathedrals, iTunes and Videoload

Who wants to see Revenge online, uses the Revenge stream in the video-on-demand providers Amazon Video, max cathedrals, iTunes and video load. Unfortunately, the Revenge Stream is not currently available within a film flat rate, so Serienjunkies to reach into the till to experience Amanda's revenge: Revenge Neither Netflix nor Amazon Prime available.

Is there a Revenge Season 5?

Many Revenge friends wonder if the Revenge Season 4 really represents the conclusion of the TV series, or whether there will be a sequel with a Revenge Season 5th At the end of Revenge Season 4 Victoria falls the revenge campaign for victims. Amanda also finds out that her father is probably still alive. A Revenge Season 5 would thus quite make sense to continue the storylines. However, the TV channel ABC explained to the chagrin of fans that the series is definitely set and not a sequel will have more of a Revenge Season 5th