TV Movie Clickfinder

Of the TV Movie Clickfinder Download transforms the home computer in a digital television guide including multimedia control center. This here freeware version of the EPG brings the current program eight of the most popular TV channels to the hard disk.

TV Movie Clickfinder Download as digital TV guide

In addition, the electronic program guide displays programs that are held by the editorial staff of the manufacturer for special highlights. If you want to solve thereof, or interested in special films, series and sports broadcasts, find them on rather quickly thanks to the search function of the TV Movie Clickfinder. Furthermore, TV Movie Clickfinder brings Detailed views of the program, including high-resolution scene photos to see.

TV Movie Clickfinder DownloadTV Movie Clickfinder Download as program guide and planners

the free TV specialist is complemented by individual favorite lists, including Reminder, reminiscent of the turn on the TV in time for the broadcast. Who needs more features and transmitter relies on a subscription to the electronic program guide.