Memoji app

Memoji app

They are the language of modern times: With Emojis countless moods are expressed, even form complete sentences. The next step: Self become the Emoji. With the Memoji app is exactly possible.

Memoji app converts faces in emoji to

To really show a sense, you have to feel it. So why not become the feeling? but we’ve all to walk with Herzchenaugen through the area when we are in love, or green to start off when we feel bad impression. Emoji are a wonderful way to symbolize just that. But why resort to ready-made images, if you can even become the Emoji?

This is what makes the app Memoji of Light Ricks, the creators of Apple’s Facetune. And that works very simply:

Memoji appSimply select the image, choose a template and to Emoji – helps the Memoji app. (Image: Light Ricks)

Orders are to Emoji

Selects an image – from you or from a friend. Selects a suitable Emoji as a template and let your image to be Smiley. The app operates on the same principle as Facetune and edited images so that they look like the selected Emoji.

The processed images can then be sent as a static picture as gif or video.

The selected images need not necessarily be selfies of yourself. You can already take existing images.

Memoji app imagesIt does not take own selfie. Even celebrities can morph – even if their mine is actually set in stone. (Image: Light Ricks)

Emoji: A Lifestyle

Emojis have become in recent years a kind of status symbol of youthful users. They not only shipped it now also decorate clothing and housing. For the development team, it seemed logical to reflect the emotions on Emoji base in the form of selfies.

11 Emojis be currently in the Memoji app on faces morph, but more are to be added soon. So some important fact still missing in the repertoire. Herzchenaugen, Zwinkersmiley and fortunately also the well-beloved Unicorn are available. yet but the Kackhaufen as missing.
Currently, the app is available for iOS version 9.0 only, but also on an Android version to work, it is part of Light Ricks.

Until then, interest in other free image editing tools for PC and mobile devices? In the download area there is a large selection.