Disable Windows chkdsk

Disable Windows chkdsk

Occasionally jumps during the boot process of Windows 7, the disk check chkdsk on. It corrects errors in the file system. When the automatic disk check interfere, you can turn it off via the registry.

Disable Auto chkdsk

To prevent the automatic call chkdsk at startup, perform the following steps:

  • click on begin, enter in the search box "regedit" and click on the first hit with the designation regedit.exe.

  • Over the left tree click down to the path ** HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control Session Manager ** by.

  • In the right pane, look for the entry BootExecute and double click on it. The value of this key is by default autocheck autochk ***. To chkdsk for the system drive C: disable, change the entry as follows: ** autocheck autochk / k: C *** (note the space between "C" and the asterisk). **Danger: Even though you may feel chkdsk as a nuisance, but it has an important role. Windows runs it usually only if there are problems with the data structure on the hard drive. Therefore, one should at least provide a chkdsk run. If it often appears, is recommended a review of the hard drive to a defect. Windows 7 turn off chkdskchkdsk