Pica Pic awakened a long-lost game genre in browser form to new old life. The free Web app is portable LCD games to online, as reflected in the eighties of the last century, lots of popularity enjoyed. For a price of about 20 German marks, for example, bought the Nintendo Game&Watch; called mini-arcade games, quasi the precursors of Game Boy and Co. Over the years, countless of these handhelds emerged, with Nintendo alone brought nearly 60 models, including the legendary Donkey Kong on the market. An extensive and growing selection of these Games offers Pica Pic. In Flash form, the portable games available on the web to choose from. If you click on Pica-Pic on one of the small icons on the bottom bar, the housing of the Arcades appear more or less in size, including some information on the manufacturer and year. Since most today are likely to know which button was for the function responsible Pica Pic is also from an explanation of the operation. Then simply click on the housing, and the game fun with Donkey Kong and Co. go.