WoW Legion Companion App 2023

WoW Legion Companion App

WoW is back. Recently, a new add-on for the non-dead war, end the MMORPG appeared with World of Warcraft Legion. The biggest feature in mind: The medal Hall. And for this the experienced WoW players will now receive mobile help – with the WoW Legion Companion App.

In the relevant gaming portals in the now sixth addon Legion is already highly praised, it does occur ( “finally back”) with an exciting plot, but especially intriguing battles therefore. Quests are available in the new zones also not too tight and the companion system rises to new heights up. There are also as in the previous addon (Warlords of Draenor) again have the opportunity to recruit NPC characters and send them as their own followers on missions.

WoW Legion Companion AppWith the WoW Legion Companion app, among other world quests can view and select followers.

WoW Legion Companion app supports the player

To give the busy in Legion players a little help along the way, developer Blizzard has introduced shortly after addon release the WoW Legion Companion app for Android and iOS. With this you can learn, among other things about the missions of the Order hall or display the available quests, but also send the entourage on tour. This should increase the effectiveness with which one moves in the game. All this is by using the app also wonderful on the road. Means something like: quickly send from going to work from the NPC minions on a mission and after work at home collect the rewards.

In addition, the Class Hall can be removed from the app on the go and the followers are equipped. And who wants to plan in-game on the move its office hours, can call all available quests world via the app. the missions of the followers can be controlled interactively. One can conclude from the smartphone directly missions and even recruit new followers. The appreciation of the Order hall by a simple tap on the screen represents an additional gimmick.

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Manage WoW Legion Companion App recruitsThe recruits can arrange, manage and send on a mission. If the player logs at home on the PC, it can then use the collected rewards.

Easy orientation in the app with a manageable content

The operation is very simple. For first start of the player is asked by region, language and access. Then you can start already. Quite smoothly, the program comes along. We can look at the WoW Legion Companion app Legion areas as maps and select. Who world quests already unlocked at level 110 has access to it from here and can see the rewards. The scope of the app content is comparatively low, but there is no need for other functions at least so far. So the battery suffers relatively little in the use and the program runs beautifully smoothly. Other free downloads for World of Warcraft or other games of roles there are in our Download List