While Tumblr long since been very successful around the world, one wonders in this country still: What's Tumblr? We show how it works and what makes it different from others. losbloggen now!

Aside from Facebook, there are social networks in this country really hard. LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr have millions of fans worldwide a gathered behind him - but in Germany these services do not really get going. They all are available both online and through a single platform and go via app - such as the download of Tumblr app shows.

What's TumblrWhat is Tumblr, anyway? We clarify!

What is Tumblr exactly?

First of all, the "hard facts" to the phenomenon: Tumblr was founded in 2007 by the Americans David Karp and Marco Arment and sold to Yahoo in spring, 2013.

On Tumblr is a combination of social network, like Facebook and microblogging platform. The name describes very precisely how the service works. So Tumblr descended from English to tumble, which means as much as anything mess up. Figuratively thus should be made clear that users should just get out and freely blog posts throw out and should. The well-known blogger Jason Kottke had the notion Tumbleblogs already years ago coined and defined this type of sharing as a "quick and dirty stream of consciousness".Share currently has nearly 35 percent of the strongest in the United States. But also in India, Japan, UK and Brazil, the service is popular. Early 2015, the platform had more than 200 million blogs and stood with the entries just before the trillion limit.

How does Tumblr & what needs to be considered?

What is Tumblr now exactly and what can one do? If the user has registered with the service, it automatically gets its own blog with the following URL: username.tumblr.com. As with your own domain, this blog is available publicly on the net. Anyone who wants can also create multiple blogs for different topics. The nice thing about Tumblr is that one can make his own blog to ideas and wishes - there are hundreds of design templates. Those who try it, but it can and so create a very unique layout with HTML, CSS.

In addition, users get access to a kind of news feed, as we know it from Facebook. Following another blogger, you can see where the current entries. In addition, you will be informed about new followers, etc..

What is Tumblr Postseverything is allowed on Tumblr actually posted: videos, photos, quotes, links, ...

What can be posted?

Actually, there are no limits when it comes to posting on your own blog. So could the question "What is Tumblr?" With "many individual pin boards, where everything is allowed" to be answered. You can share all kinds of multimedia content such as videos, photos, music or other audio files. Of course, you can also easily publish texts such as quotes or share links and chat logs.

How to find other Tumblr blogs?

In Tumblr a search function is included, over which one can search for topics. The results then show entries that were vertaggt with the desired expression. The principle should be the most out of Twitter or Instagram known. One can provide its posts with tags, so matching elements, so that they will be found.

If one likes a contribution, you can favor it, which is very similar to Liken on Facebook. A comment feature does not exist, however. but it has the ability to entries on "Reblog" - that is to publish on his own blog. The post is marked as "Reblog" and linked to the original entry.

What is Tumblr usersOn Tumblr, many artists, creative romp etc.

What to expect on Tumblr?

To the question "What is Tumblr" belongs strictly speaking "who is on Tumblr?" In general it can be said that the blogs have a strong multimedia orientation. There are few who operate the trivial Food Porn or similar. Instead, many creative people, artists and culture lovers cavort here. The level is much higher than in many other networks. Very popular are, for example, topics such as travel, fashion, architecture, art, design and photography. So many also use Tumblr to realize to share and inspire to be.