HWiNFO32 / 64

HWiNFO32 / 64

Hwinfo informs users about the inner workings of Windows systems. The freeware checks computer through its paces, lists numerous details of developed hardware and software, and measures with benchmarks the performance of the PC.

Analysis of all PC components with the hwinfo Download

The free hwinfo analyzing components such as processor, graphics card, memory, hard drive and motherboard. Also attached peripheral devices such as video, drives, or network connections acquired the software. The bundled Information lists the freeware on in a tree structure. Hwinfo also offers built-in benchmarks with which one feels the power reserves of the system to the tooth. With the small, free system analysis tool petrol normal user and benchmark fans get a versatile assistant for detailed system information at hand.

hwinfo download

HWiNFO provides interested users not only with detailed hardware information, but also diagnosed in the system defects discovered. The Freeware provides an easy-to-use interface and displays the results clearly. For USB sticks is with hwinfo Portable, a separate download. Also can be found in the download area versions for Windows 64-bit and even a version for the good old DOS. In addition, practical gadgets for Windows Sidebar and Rainmeter can be found in the downloads.

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