WhatsApp Games 1-100: The ultimate questions!

WhatsApp Games 1-100: The ultimate questions!

The new trend: WhatsApp Games 1-100. Here you get the ultimate list of the ultimate tasks!

Do you have WhatsApp for Android or iPhone is not on your cell phone, you can download it here and get started right away. The game also works on any other messenger. And here are the rules:

WhatsApp Games 1-100: The rules

The rules are simple: You convinced his WhatsApp contact to call a number from one to 100 and for that he gets the job, which is associated with the respective number. Alternatively, the question can also be prompted to “Tell me how much battery you have left!” Be reconsidered.

WhatsApp Games 1-100The best tasks of WhatsApp Games 1-100. (Picture: WhgatsApp / Editorial)

WhatsApp Games 1-50

And here are the tasks of WhatsApp Games 1-100 are:

  1. Your new WhatsApp: I love (name).
  2. What is your favorite color?
  3. What did you want ever want to do with me?
  4. Call me now!
  5. Take a picture of yourself and send it to me now!
  6. Your first thoughts when we first met?
  7. What are you thinking now?
  8. I think about three things to me – these have you done today.
  9. Blue or green?
  10. What is your favorite food?
  11. What is your favorite movie?
  12. Who is your most important person?
  13. Send me one of your contacts!
  14. Send me a funny video.
  15. I help you with one of your problems.
  16. Send me a photo of yourself – shirtless.
  17. I get a hug!
  18. Send me a funny voice message.
  19. How do you like my picture?
  20. Who is your best friend?
  21. Ignore the WhatsApp messages from your friend / your friend for five hours.
  22. What would you do with a million euros to do?
  23. Describe myself in three words!
  24. Let’s go celebrate.
  25. All you have to do something for me.
  26. Your geselligster evening – when was that?
  27. When you had the first time?
  28. What would you do differently in your life?
  29. Which actor you like best?
  30. Wich is your favourite song?
  31. Write to me now every 30 minutes that you like me!
  32. Do you play a sport?
  33. Laugh out loud and crazy – with video evidence.
  34. Send me a picture of your foot.
  35. What you want to achieve in your life?
  36. For 24 hours you’re on Facebook with me in a relationship.
  37. Tell me how pretty you’ll find me.
  38. Tell me a secret.
  39. Write my date of birth in the chat: If wrong I must ask again.
  40. Tell me your favorite dish!
  41. Who would you like to sleep?
  42. Write in your status that would you like to go to bed with me.
  43. Tell me about your day.
  44. Screaming through the house with a voice message to me.
  45. Send this WhatsApp 1 to 100 game at ten of your contacts.
  46. What would you do if you were a tiger?
  47. Which is your favorite animal?
  48. What are your biggest hobbies?
  49. Let’s meet – NOW!
  50. Open a WhatsApp group with “I’m pregnant” or “I will become a father”

Questions and tasks No. 51-100 of WhatsApp Games 1-100

And here the second swing questions and tasks of WhatsApp games is 1-100

  1. Your favorite cocktail?
  2. How did you know me.
  3. Send me a sexy picture of you.
  4. I get a kiss from you on the mouth.
  5. lucky, nothing.
  6. Write a status post about me on Facebook.
  7. Open a Facebook group with ten people you barely know.
  8. Reasons a Facebook fan page with you as your profile picture and invite all your friends.
  9. Let’s go eat chic.
  10. You have to invite me for a beer.
  11. You spendierst me an ice cream.
  12. Your next Lunch: On the floor!
  13. Ignore me for a day.
  14. Make a video of yourself only in socks and underwear and send it to me.
  15. Now go a lap run around the block.
  16. Today you call me only treasure.
  17. By the end of the week you have to walk around with a pair of sunglasses.
  18. Send me a picture of your outfit today.
  19. Send me the picture that you have done as a last resort.
  20. Call me and tell me how much you adore me.
  21. Would you get me in the box?
  22. Join a different number from.
  23. How many partners you had already?
  24. A picture of me from now adorns a week your background.
  25. Write a short text about me.
  26. Send me a voice message with a confession of love from you.
  27. Storage me as a baby in your cell phone.
  28. What are you wearing right now?
  29. Poste on my Wall: Sweeeety
  30. Tell me your most embarrassing story.
  31. Write in your state that you’re horny.
  32. Let’s dance together.
  33. Marry me on Facebook.
  34. Describe myself in three words.
  35. Let’s drink go together.
  36. Have you ever done something you were allowed not?
  37. Best gangster rap song?
  38. Write in your state that you’re gay / lesbian.
  39. I can choose my any picture you have to take for an hour as a profile picture.
  40. Make a video of how you sing!
  41. Take a picture of your food!
  42. Send me your latest video!
  43. Who is your biggest enemy?
  44. What are you thinking right now?
  45. Write your phone number in the state!
  46. Give me a hug when I’m near you!
  47. Tell me a secret from you!
  48. Be my slave for two days and answer me for the time again and again to my questions
  49. Send me your sweetest photo.
  50. Ask me out!

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