Year Planner Excel

Year Planner Excel

Of the Year Planner Excel Download brings a calendar of the entire year for MS Excel on the home computer. As the name expect the free calendar by the manufacturer is designed for Excel, but can just as easily be opened with the freeware competitors OpenOffice Calc.

The financial planner Excel Download optimal for large projects

A task with which everyone is confronted almost daily, is to organize and manage appointments. For short-term plans for the next few days or weeks, there are a number of Reminder freeware that provide sufficient clarity and flexibility. For long-term planning or even larger projects that draw, for example, over several months, however, lacks these tools, then the necessary comfort.

At this point the free Excel year planner is download the game. The small but smart tool is now significantly simplify the organization of appointments. Based on the large calendar that used to be found in all offices on the walls, the freeware brings the complete annual overview to the computer.

Year Planner Excel DownloadThe financial planner Excel download is available for the years 2016 to 2018.

Intuitive working with the Year Planner for Excel

After downloading Year Planner Excel has all weekdays and weekends a year at a glance together. Thus, the calendar is particularly suitable for the planning of business trips, vacations or even large-scale projects that stretch with different phases over several months. Just as easily, the planner can be used for the organization of working hours and shifts in small businesses. Who likes to work with different colors and fonts to get an overview, can really let off steam here. The program brings enough with formatting options, for example, holidays otherwise be identified as business appointments.

If necessary, all dates can be fed with additional information. Should, inter alia, address or contact details are stored, can be in no time Comments to attach. Just click by right clicking in the appropriate field, enter note – done. Since each day is download of three fields in the Year Planner Excel, even up to three comments per day are possible accordingly.

Reminder tool has holidays and vacation calendar in luggage

In addition, in the planner all Federal and country-specific holidays are recorded and contrasting colors. By clicking on a link in the Excel spreadsheet also overlooks the dates of school holidays in the 16 German federal states. Tips a department & Tricks also also explained Excel uninitiated entering their own schedules and plans such as the annual holiday. In the download area’s annual planner for the years 2016 to 2018 are available.

Year Planner Excel download InquiryDates of holidays and school holidays in Germany’s 16 federal states.