Cliqz browser

Cliqz browser

Its own search engine, but especially not tracked and therefore claims to be much safer: The Cliqz Browser Download arose in direct competition with the major browsers. the underdog in Munich do it?

Cliqz Browser DownloadWith the Cliqz browser download it surfs something undetected through the net. (Images: Cliqz / Editorial)

More security with the Cliqz Browser Download

Originally started as a Firefox add-on, a tool of a Munich development team has now blossomed into a stand-alone browser. The extension Cliqz might know some more – based on it, the browser of the start-ups. The cornerstone: Tracking should be prevented.

Tracking? In the regular Internet each is observed almost everywhere and tracked. Cookies track how often a user visits a site, how long he stays where he is and what he looks there. This in turn is used by ad marketers to offer the user for him relevant content. And social networks sneak behind. According to a study from Princeton University, Google can identify a user to roughly 80 percent of all websites.

take Cliqz browser download dataAfter installation and before the first start, the browser asks whether data should be transferred from other browsers.

This tracking tells Cliqz the fight. Trackers are not automatically blocked after Cliqz browser download – so make it various other browser extensions, for example – but only once tested and then modified in the case of the case. deface any data you can be attributed to the user. Information that apply to many users at the same time, however, allowed to pass. This works according Cliqz founder Jean-Paul Schmetz liquid, resulting in fewer errors.

Cliqz evaluates own user data – but anonymous

To distinguish between general and sensitive data, the browser must of course be evaluated just such user data – a process which is called at the home of developer “Human Web”. This is done according to the company but strictly anonymous. Personal data would not be charged. And it can be even in the transparency cockpit convince shown in the real-time what the browser just received. Who does not want to participate in the Human Web, but this function may also exhibit – or completely block Tracker. Also an automatic mode forget there who does not record the chronicle only.

Cliqz browser Download IntroductionIn an introduction to the user explains the most important features.

Addons but not allowed the system – for reasons of security, since many extensions user data would be forwarded to its developers. An ad blocker is however already integrated – but still in the beta phase. This should in fact be fair above all. Because many sites are dependent on advertising, because they finance themselves with it. However, the privacy of users should still be protected. It was relatively difficult to implement.

Own search engine on board

What has been implemented, however, has its own search engine, unrelated to Google & Co. works. As a base case, the Human Web serves namely: Relevant results are therefore highlighted mainly on inputs prior user based. This function has currently still weak, simply because too few user data are available. However, the more users rely on Cliqz, the more precise the search should run. However, the search queries itself or the link to the user does not save Cliqz.

Cliqz browser download AnonymityCliqz relies on anonymity. In addition to tracking impeded there is also the possibility to record any chronicle.

the user enters something that made him proposals. but does not know the Cliqz Search Engine response time, the user can still rely on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo or other, either by pressing the return key or via shortcuts (#go, #Bi, #You) directly to can forward the major search engines. The preferred support search engine can also be about the settings (More Search Options) to change.
The browser is the way available for the desktop on Windows, Mac and Linux. There is also a mobile version for Android and iOS. More browser and surf tools and accessories are available in our download database.