With the ChaosPro download you can create fractals in real time on Windows operating systems. Fractals are – generally speaking – natural or artificial structures with geometric patterns. The free fractal generator supports various types of fractals and can produce both two-dimensional and three-dimensional structures. Feast for the eyes, according to an old proverb. Too often the motifs on billboards, posters or however already used hundreds of times in commercials have been. purely to accommodate new impetus to known motifs, for example, numerous GIF programs are available in our download catalog downloaded free of charge. This category of graphics programs ChaosPro also falls download – even if this is not a GIF software in the traditional sense. New and unusual structures can be created with the freeware Developer Martin Pfingstl all.

ChaosPro download

Installation and handling after ChaosPro Download

The software installation is very fast out of hand. The Download Manager through the installation. After the successful installation can make the program – depending on the operating system – opened with a double and begin to create fractals. in addition to other Windows operating systems Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It supports the screen resolution should be at least 1024 x 768 pixels. For the “True Color” screen, the developer recommends the 24-bit version. The memory should not be less than 256 MB.

First impression of the free Fraktalgenerators

When you open the software for the first time, the user is provided at the beginning Note Fields and daily tips available that assist in the operation of the free Fraktalgenerators. However, the instructions and the user interface is written in English. English is therefore required. As with many software programs for Windows and most image and graphics programs, the rider is to import images on the top left ( “File”). The export of finished fractals via the drop-down menu under “File”. Right next to the “File” is the rider to create fractals. Under the first item in the drop-down menu you can – make actions previously made irreversible – similar to Adobe Photoshop or the free image editor GIMP. The command can also be called “Undo”. Several other riders are in the top menu bar, such as the rider to the program settings ( “Setting”) or to view. Which are important for the generation of fractals parameters are displayed on the right detail in the info boxes. As with Photoshop can they show or hide or move their position by simple drag-and-drop.