Battleship Command App

The Battleship Command App is a classic strategy and construction game, by strengthening its own marina based and challenging battles must be defeated.

The oceans dominate the Battleship Command App

With the Battleship Command app, players can practice in modern warfare. It is necessary to build strategic support points to strengthen the defense, to find allies to form groups perfectly and to strike fear with a superior attack the enemy. Cruiser, submarine, destroyers and aircraft carriers must be placed well considered in order to decide the battle on the ocean itself.

Battleship Command Appascend to the Battleship Command App for Lord of the seas.

Extensive configuration options for realistic battles

The navies can not only be gradually upgraded, but also rebuilt ships equipped with destructive extras. With the research of new technologies and the use of advanced units, tactical skill and the right allies that history can be rewritten - whether in the Battle of Midway or Pearl Harbor.

Stunning animation and stunning visuals

Whoever goes into the fray, experienced with the Battleship Command App crisp water fights and impressive animations. An insight into the more than successful appearance of the game provides the video:

In addition a number of strategic options from which players choose the best and they must skillfully combine. Only those plans vorauschauend, relies on the right equipment and reliable partner who can decide the battle for supremacy on the oceans of the world in itself. Players can discover places with profit promising resources and use it for expanding its own fleet. On the world map over 10 000 players can compete in individual duels against each other. Unfortunately, the game remembers all too strongly of the nominated for the BAFTA Games Award Multiplayer World of Warships. On this point, the developers have done with a more innovative game design and more independent graphics a big favor.

Free war games with in-app purchases and a comprehensive access rights.

The download and the game itself is free. However, there is the well-known limitations on energy, currency and items that can be picked up either by waiting or in-app purchases. These are available from just two Euros to good hundred euros per article. The access rights to the device, which are required by the developers, are not without. So it is not clear why confidential log data read out, added without the owners' knowledge calendar appointments or changed or can be sent SMS. Who it does not interfere, but can gamble a game of epic proportions which is able to bind over a long period of time.