Full Version: CutOut

The full version CutOut facilitates image editors cropping even more difficult subjects. This task does the freeware either as a standalone application or as a plugin for Adobe's image editing Adobe Photoshop. Cut, so the leaching of image areas from their background, sometimes even prepare professionals headache. Especially fine details like hair, fur or feathers are often exempt only with much effort, patience and manual labor. Here CutOut accesses the user helpful under the arms. Various Maskierungsmodi and Crop tools make the cropping not complete a breeze, but easier. It makes sense given CutOut advice on which methods and tools for the types of motifs are particularly suitable and of which is not to be recommended. Also provides a batch processing multiple photos in one go free - if this method is, however, advisable seems rather questionable as manual reworking is almost always appropriate. By the way: If you need more features, such as those for photomontages for is CutOut ready in a recent shareware version for download.

Limitations of the full version: CutOut

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