Many users are wondering how they their WhatsApp chat history Send can save or export. We show in the following step by step, such as backing up and exporting of their own WhatsApp chat course after the download of WhatsApp for Android quickly and easily folded. Try now!

send, backup and export WhatsApp chat history

About Backing of WhatsApp chat course, the user has to do little thought. The own WhatsApp chats are automatically backed up daily and stored on the smartphone. If desired, the user can back up on his Google Drive his WhatsApp chats in certain time intervals. Here he can determine whether is secured only via Wi-Fi or via a mobile connection and whether the WhatsApp is to be backup including videos or not. Who uninstalled WhatsApp from his smartphone but want to lose any messages that should be previously manually back up the chat. To create a complete WhatsApp chat backup of WhatsApp users go to Settings and select Chats > Chat Backup > Backing out.

WhatsApp chat history SendSend WhatsApp chat history: We show step by step how it works!

Send WhatsApp chat history with or without attached media

For those that would like to export the course of a particular chat or an entire group quickly and reliably, you should use the chat by e-mail function. These too can be found chatting in the settings under the menu item WhatsApp. User clicks here on chat history and then send to chat via email.

WhatsApp chat history Send e-mailFirst, the chat by e-mail function to select.

Now he opens the desired instant or WhatsApp group. once it seems the demand if the chat history sending with attached media or without this is to occur. If the chat history has many images, audio messages or video attached media can of course greatly increase the mail and bloat.

Send WhatsApp chat history MediaIf the WhatsApp chat history with or without attached media done?

Select mail client and receiver

If multiple mail programs are installed on the smartphone, the user now selects the desired email client through which the WhatsApp is to be send chat history. It is after that the mail address of the recipient - of course here their own, if only is a backup on the way. The e-mail with the chat history is generated as an attachment in TXT format. If media is broadcast, they will appear in the finished e-mail as attachments.

Send limitations when WhatsApp chat history

It can also be great chat history message: If the WhatsApp chat history Export the media with selected, allows for up to 10,000 messages a chat history sending without media even up to 40,000 messages. These limitations result from the manufacturer to the maximum size of e-mails.