Little Alchemy 2 tips and strategies - with no solution!

Little Alchemy 2 tips and strategies – with no solution!

with certain Little Alchemy 2 Tips does your entertaining combination in game guarantees on without having to cheat with solutions. Grips use and combine smart is the motto! Here you find out more!

Little Alchemy 2 TipsWith Little Alchemy 2 Tips You come continue without solution. (Picture: recloak / Editorial)

With Little Alchemy score 2 Tips

The Little Alchemy 2 app and its Web version addictive – as much as you’ve probably noticed by now. Well over 600 combinations are now available. Who unstructured’s going on, desperately fast. Out of sheer desperation online to look for solutions but unfortunately also promotes the game not really.

But there are certain tricks whose application you continue to bring no solution and Cheaterei and joy guaranteed the game holds up.

Like will join

The first thing that should make you a new item or Item: There combining with itself. That does not work with all items, but is always worth the first try. Did you get in this way a new item, it combines more directly with itself.

The grouping of the items in the Encyclopedia give an indication of what you can combine like.

Little Alchemy 2 Tips EncyclopediaA look in the encyclopedia help now and then. (Picture: recloak / Editorial)

keep new items on the field

If you create new items, you retain only once in the labor field and combining them with other new items.

Additional tip: To double an item, just type it twice. Now if you combine one of them and get a new, so still a second form sits in the labor field.

Items that can no longer be further combined are, incidentally removed from the list and then only to be found in the encyclopedia. This keeps the surface more or less tidy.

Little Alchemy 2 Tips DescriptionThe item description is often like a little puzzle that gives advice on other possible combinations. (Picture: recloak / Editorial)

examine items more accurately

Look at the explanations of the items in the encyclopedia – because they betray you now and then how you can proceed.

Tools such as tool and hammer can you use it to build anything from a raw material. Container and building (House etc.) include things or beings. Be there quietly creative – some combinations are far from real science and be sure you amaze. References are there but always, even to pop culture.

You can also compare with a friend or play the game on two platforms – because as the items split again and again, there are countless different ways. On a platform you propose probably a very different one than on the second.

In case of emergency: Notes – or yet the complete solution

If your time but not partout progresses, there are within the game have the option to use notes. but based on your current inventory. Therefore, you should never be used simultaneously your hints, as they are otherwise non-specific.

But if it simply can not go on and not help you, the Little Alchemy 2 tips, you’ve still to consult the complete solution option. And we have provided for you – while also not quite complete (we even toss yet and there is always something new to do so). But for starters …

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