7-PDF Maker Portable

7-PDF Maker creates PDF documents from more than 80 different file formats. The Shareware is next to the in-office and at home and on the go.

Create PDFs from the USB flash drive: 7-PDF Maker Portable Download

7-PDF Maker creates PDF and PDF / A-1 documents from all Microsoft and Open Office applications. A variety of graphic formats such as JPG, BMP, GIF or TIFF can be processed. Hyperlinks are retained in the files of 7-PDF Maker. Various security options are on board. Unauthorized editing a 128-bit password encryption protects. The sharing options are quite flexible. Thus, the user can enable, for example, a PDF document for comments, but prevent a printout. Useful for converting extensive text documents: For paragraph styles, the shareware automatically generates a table of contents. During installation, a command-line option can be installed in addition that allows PDF conversion in DOS mode. In addition, 7-PDF Maker integrated on request in the Windows Explorer and is so by right clicking on a file immediately.

Unlike the Adobe Distiller 7-PDF Maker does not work as a printer, but also has the converter module on board. Therefore, 7-PDF Maker requires no additional applications such as Ghostscript. Anyone who wants to find an alternative to Adobe Reader in the integrated Sumatra PDF Viewer. For home and for use in mobile office 7-PDF is ideal not only because of the support of a variety of formats. For stationary use the freeware version of 7-PDF Maker is available for download.