With WhatsApp go offline on the iPad - Here's how!

With WhatsApp go offline on the iPad – Here’s how!

With a few clicks in the settings, it is possible to WhatsApp Offline to go with WhatsApp iPad. learn more now! A special app for the Apple iPad, there is not yet, but with a few tips and advice can be the popular Messenger software also easily use the iPad. Here you can download WhatsApp iPad and learn more about setting up the app on the iPad. WhatsApp Offline" class ="pull-left

Why go with WhatsApp offline?

So simple and inexpensive way of sending short text messages, photos or other files with WhatsApp, so there are some difference to SMS or MMS. Many users understand the messenger service as a chat tool – with all the known advantages and disadvantages. Because: If you wait too long with the answer to a WhatsApp message, the others might perceive this as rude. So at least the general assumption in online chats. The problem increases exponentially the more contacts you operated via WhatsApp, professionally and personally. In this way, many users rely more or less unconsciously, even under pressure, and sooner or later ask themselves how they can go with WhatsApp offline. can go completely offline is not – unless you delete the WhatsApp account – but with a few clicks in the settings, you can hide your online status, which is tantamount to an offline state in about.

no longer visible at WhatsApp Online – Here’s how

The following guide is effectively universal. This means: Where one uses the Messenger app, play no role – whether on the iPad, iPhone, Android phone or Android tablet: The steps are the same everywhere.

  • First, the Settings menu called. This happens depending on the hardware or installed WhatsApp version, possibly in slightly different ways.
  • Once in the Settings menu, click on the menu item “Account”. After that, a new menu window opens. In the new menu, you click at the top of the “Privacy”.
    WhatsApp Offline account Hide WhatsApp offline / online statussettings > account > data protection
  • In the “Privacy” menu you select the item “last online” from. Now a new dialog box opens.
  • In the new dialog box are for “Last Online” three options, namely “Everyone”, “My Contacts” and “Nobody”. To go with WhatsApp offline or to hide the online status that Internet connection with other apps and browsing the mobile network but maintain, you choose the option “No one.”
    WhatsApp offline status Select “Last Online”, then place check “No” Another option to go with WhatsApp Offline is the manual separation of the mobile data connection / wireless connection. Many Android smartphones you can leave your Internet connection with a simple click, as well as the iPhone and iPad. However, one must keep in mind that you can not use this method to all the other apps and services use that require a mobile Internet connection. Video: WhatsApp offline / online status hidden [iPhone / iPad]

Video: WhatsApp offline / online status hidden [Android]