All my passwords (AmP)

All my passwords (AmP) stores sensitive login information in a password-protected file. The freeware prevents the user as from loss or theft of user names and other information.

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The passwords and access data by the data safe in freely definable categories and thus helps to keep track with many different passwords. All my passwords (AmP) encodes its files with six different encryption methods. RC2, RC5, RC6, BlowFish, or TwoFish CAST128 available to the user for selection. The administrator also starts from USB sticks, which has his access on the move always at hand.

All my passwords Download

Entering into the web forms is done with all my passwords (AmP) drag&Drop, copy and paste, or by keyboard commands. Practical: The fill-in Wizard can be trained so that it takes to fill out the fields automatically. Also allows strong encryption to park the password file on Web pages or servers, which further increases the mobility of data. Under the name of all my passwords (AmP) for U3 sticks, a special version for U3 disk to download.

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